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Why Horseback Riding is the Best Way to See The Ford

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Choosing how to explore The Ford Field & River Club’s picturesque expanse of riverfront and lush marshland is like navigating an entrancing fairy tale. With acres of carefully preserved waterfront, tree-shaded fields and well-kept trails, there’s certainly no wrong way to see the property. Yet, there’s one method of motion we can’t recommend highly enough—horseback riding. 

“Horseback is simply the best way to see The Ford,” says Equestrian Director, Kate Jones. Whether you’re tacking up your own horse conveniently boarded at our 22-stall Equestrian Center or taking one of The Ford’s club horses for a ride, there’s something special about experiencing this one-of-a-kind lowcountry setting while connecting with a magnificent, gentle creature.

Horseback riding is innately about trust between you and your horse. It’s a way to slow down, to literally experience a new perspective (after all—you’re sitting 5–6 feet above the ground), and to appreciate the beauty and strength of another being. If that doesn’t sound lovely enough on its own, consider your surroundings. “The slow, leisurely pace is like riding in a movie set,” says Kate. “The property is so romantic, with live oaks dating back to the 1700s.” 

When you take a one-to-three-hour ride (timing is based on your preference), you’ll get to experience all the beauty that is The Ford. “Our scenic rides meander through 1,800 acres of stunning property,” says Kate. “We have 12 miles of integrated trails throughout our community, all of which offer glorious views capturing the best of what the Georgia Lowcountry has to offer.” As for what those glorious views might include? “Peaceful live oaks draped with Spanish moss grace our riding trails. We also enjoy spectacular water views along three miles of embankments, where we often catch glimpses of shore birds and leaping fish.”

We asked Kate to choose a favorite riding trail at The Ford—a nearly impossible feat, in her eyes, “because they are all so spectacular!” While not to discount the other great trails, she highly recommends two in particular: The McAllister Dike Trail (1.5 miles long) and the Lake Clara Dike Trail (1.8 miles long). Each she says “offer particularly interesting flora, fauna and wildlife, as they are right on the Ogeechee River.”

Hungry for more? Once you’re ready to venture beyond The Ford, notes Kate, “we also organize off-property trail rides and beach rides for our members throughout the year.”

To learn more about all that The Ford has to offer, contact Danielle Hopper at 912.756.5614  or


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