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‘Tis The Season for Oyster Roasts at The Ford

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October is here, which means it’s time to get shuckin’ at The Ford Field & River Club. Here at The Ford, the oyster roast is a seasonal tradition for the families of our community each year from October through March. A very special evening of food, fun and celebration is shared among our members at the Oyster House, a gathering space in the backwoods created just for the occasion.

Dive into more details about the famous oyster roasts at The Ford, below:

A Treasured Lowcountry Celebration

In the Lowcountry, oysters are an essential part of the cuisine. Locals have enjoyed savoring the mouth-watering delicacy for decades, ever since the first fishermen began celebrating it in the 1800s. A marsh-to-table feast that truly can’t be beat!

Soft lights illuminate the Oyster House at The Ford, where members gather for the seasonal oyster roasts each year. The casual evenings spent in the open air below the stars while dining with neighbors are some of our members’ most cherished moments in our community. The camaraderie while sharing a bucket of steamed oysters is truly unique to The Ford.

Piping Hot, Roasted Oysters Paired with Southern Staples

The fresh oysters caught along the Georgia coast are known for their plump, briny texture and flavor. At The Ford, we source our oysters locally while in season, along with fresh shrimp. First, the oysters are roasted over an open fire with a metal pan, burlap and a shovel. Then, the increasing steam brings the oysters up to a piping-hot temperature until they’re fully cooked.

The perfect pairing with oysters tends to come with the likes of fresh shrimp, fried chicken, jalapeno cornbread, mac & cheese, braised collard greens and herb-roasted potatoes. If you still have room for more, take a bite out of a chocolate trifle or make your own s’mores!

History Imbued into the Walls of the Oyster House

Walk up to the Oyster House and you’ll see an intriguing sign above the doorway: AIG-ROEG. What does it mean? The story goes, Henry Ford asked his workmen to build a cabin for the very first oyster roast ever back in the 1930s – in just under four days flat. Somehow, the men managed to construct it by the time of the party, even on such short notice.

As guests entered, they saw the legendary sign as we know it today. Read it backward, and you’ll see “GEORGIA” plain and clear. Some believe Henry had the sign made as a joke after some of his friends asked what he was doing “down there in backwards Georgia!”

Members-Only Oyster Roasts at The Ford

Our oyster roasts take place annually from October through March. This year, we’re hosting several exclusive roasts, where members can meet newcomers to The Ford and catch up with old friends. The most anticipated roast is our Homecoming Oyster Roast in mid-October, with more to come in the following months. We can’t wait to see you there!

Interested in learning more about life at The Ford? Schedule your visit today and discover why families from around the nation are choosing to make our one-of-a-kind community in the Georgia Lowcountry their home.


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