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The Joys of The Ford’s Lowcountry and Low-density Setting

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The Lowcountry is undeniably special. Those who live at The Ford Field & River Club see this each day—through the comforts of a sprawling coastal setting where the natural scenery coincides with a slower pace of life. The low-density of the land also means each member has the space to connect intimately with nature and take advantage of the amenities available exclusively to members of The Ford.

See why a low-density setting in the Lowcountry is meant for you:

Freedom to Explore

The less-populated living at The Ford means our residents have the room to explore virtually untouched land. Unlike other communities in the Lowcountry, The Ford—set on 1,800 acres of storied land and waterways—is low-density, which provides our residents the opportunity to make the most of every amenity available. Even better, the connections made at The Ford transform into a thriving community where neighbors are friends and friends are family.

Exercise and Recreation

Fresh air can’t be beat by much else. In a low-density setting such as The Ford, recreational activities surround you at every turn. Whether it’s fishing in the Deepwater Marina or getting close-up with nature at the Naturalist Center, the chance to seek outdoor activities are endless.  The Ford’s recreational activities—which offer plenty of health and exercise benefits—are designed to be enjoyed together. The low-density aspect of our land means you’ll have more time to spend doing the things you love, with the ones you love—no crowds in the way.

An Intimate Connection with Nature

Verdant wetlands, tidal creeks, ponds, lakes and woodlands at The Ford have all been preserved with care. When you live at The Ford, you’re situated right along Georgia’s great Ogeechee River. The allure of Spanish moss, which sways in the light breeze, is unique to the Lowcountry, rekindling stories of the past. Our residents wake up to gentle sunlight and breathe easy as the sun fades away into the surrounding waters, finding moments of peace and welcome solitude.

Golf with No Tee Times

Our award-winning, 250-acre Pete Dye-designed golf course requires no tee times, so you and your family can pick up a game at any time. Shaped by freshwater lakes, lush meadows and scenic coastline, our golf course immerses you in an experience that’s as much as a sport as it is a wildlife tour. Our residents at The Ford can enjoy exclusive access to an unhurried game, at their own leisure—yet another benefit of our low-density setting in the Lowcountry.

Year-Round Coastal Climate

The Ford’s easy climate basks in sunshine and blue skies for nine months out of the year. For the majority of days spent at The Ford, weather is temperate, inviting families to pursue favorite outdoor activities, like golf, horseback riding, and fishing. Mild winters—from December through February—see average daytime highs in the low 60s. Coastal breezes draw our residents in, while the ever-present warmth of Southern hospitality remains year-round. 


Whether you come to call The Ford home or a retreat for the season, an uncommon way of life awaits.


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