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From Dream to Reality: A Special Look at The Ford’s Home Design Process

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At The Ford Field & River Club, members can create their very own lowcountry retreat inspired by the region’s most beloved architecture styles. “There’s a little bit of everything here at The Ford,” says Tom Draffin, Director of Association Management and member of The Ford’s architectural review board. 

In this video, Tom describes the distinct style of a few Ford neighborhoods, from the bright, contemporary English-cottage-inspired homes in the new SIlk Hope enclave to the grand, two-level historic Savannah-style riverview homes in McAllister Point. Tom also explains how The Ford’s construction and design teams help make the process of building your dream home as effortless as possible. 

“Our architects, landscape architects and contractors are used to building these types of homes and therefore it’s really a congenial, collaborative process from the initial design to final product,” says Draffin. “One of the neat things about being part of the architectural review process is that you get to see a home start from an idea and (become) a reality. And you get to see the excitement of the family moving in—and we have the same excitement as they do.” 

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